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Voice and Singing-Acting Testimonials 

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"Cathy Lawrence has a special gift for bringing out the best in her students, accessing performing power they don’t always know they have. Students learn to expand their interpretive range while singing healthily. A class or lesson with Cathy connects you to the often ignored playful and spontaneous nature of singing. She intuits what each individual needs, and uses fun, challenging exercises to draw out the artist within. I have accompanied many of her singing acting classes, and have seen students of all levels benefit greatly. I personally take voice lessons with Cathy to further my understanding of the singing acting process, so I can tell you that she is absolutely fantastic." -Thomas Bagwell, Assistant Conductor, Metropolitan Opera; Mannes College of Music Faculty

"I am a classically trained actress who found myself required to sing for theater productions. I had a good ear and a love of music, but was not an easy singer and not able to project. I was also a little bit terrified of singing in public. Cathy changed all that. She gave me confidence and courage in addition to a strong technical foundation. With her guidance and encouragement I became an actress who sings. 

Cathy is a very nurturing teacher. She is deeply respectful of her student's abilities and aspirations and quickly becomes a trusted mentor. I have sent several students to her and they have all been grateful to have her input and feedback. 

I recommend her without hesitation and only wish I still lived nearby so that I could continue to study with her." -Shelley Latham, Blueberry Hill, ME

 "Cathy is an amazing voice instructor, who works wonderfully with children. Cathy has worked with both my son and my daughter, who began working with her as young as 7 years old. She made lessons fun for my children, and produced amazing results, while instilling proper technique needed to both advance and excel, and protect the young singer's voice. Highly recommended!" - Joy Foster, Brooklyn, NY

"Cathy Lawrence has worked with my teenage son for two years and has been an asset to his vocal development. Her knowledge of the vocal instrument is crucial which not only teaches him about how to use it but more importantly how to care for it. Cathy helped him with his audition piece for the New York State School Music Association Competition in which he received a perfect score and selection to the New York State, All-state Chorus." - Harold Theurer, Brooklyn, NY

Cathy Lawrence gave four workshops at the University of Nebraska at Kearney in Fall, 2017. They were inspirational! The students found themselves engaged in new ways, and found unexpected solutions to problems they’d been having with vocal expression. All of the exercises used responses readily accessible to all students, but combined them in challenging ways that brought out levels of creativity the students didn’t know they had. I highly recommend these workshops for anyone wanting to take expressiveness in singing to new heights. - Andrew R. White, DMA, Professor of Voice and Diction, University of Nebraska at Kearney

"Cathy Lawrence’s classes for acting singers and singing actors offer valuable work that everyone needs, and she is a great teacher – patient, creative, clear and encouraging. The techniques are presented such that anyone can use them, no matter what their level of training, skill or experience. As someone who has participated personally I can say that the classes are fun as well as informative. I know that anyone seeking to improve their performance in acting and singing will enjoy these classes and benefit from them. I encourage everyone who has a desire to grow as an artist to sign up right away!"

- Jeanette Lovetri, New York, NY; Visiting Artist-in Residence, Shenandoah University, VA

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